More and more, intellectual properties (IP) and intangible assets (IA) drive the success and valuation of businesses. However, IP and IA need other assets and resources to generate revenue and earnings for a business. For a business to best use its IP assets, tools to evaluate the contributions made by IP are becoming a required component of the business manager’s tool kit. Join expert speaker Brian Buss of Nevium as he covers the value and contribution to business profitability of both IP and IA. Buss has adapted many of the commonly used IP valuation approaches to analyze and value IP in order to develop an IP valuation apportionment model that has proven useful to guide business managers to more effective strategic decisions regarding use of their proprietary assets and to drive additional profits. Attendees will gain an understanding of the theory and concepts supporting this apportionment model and the analytical steps required to apply the model in strategic advisory IP valuation engagements.


  • Understand the reasons to conduct an apportionment analysis
  • Review analytical tools to identify the key assets and resources used by a business organization, and tools to quantify the contribution to organizational profits made by each asset and resource
  • Learn how to apply apportionment models to help clients evaluate strategic decisions
  • Learn the steps to develop apportionment-based ip valuation analyses for multiple valuation contexts

Learning Objectives

  • Review need for apportionment analyses
  • Discuss the theory underlying apportionment analysis
  • Present the apportionment model used by Nevium in valuation and strategy assignments
  • Steps in using the apportionment model

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

10am – 11:40am PDT