Nevium has contributed a new chapter to The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages, edited by Nancy J. Fannon and Jonathan Dunitz, Esq. This essential reference for experts, analysts and litigators provides a deep and rich resource on damage calculations. Nevium’s chapter “Using Internet Analytic Tools for Valuation and Damages Calculations in Internet IP Infringement and Damages Cases” explores the overlap between Internet and social media analysis and intellectual property valuation.

In modern business, the new corner store is located on our laptops and smartphones. Today’s business advisors and counsel need to understand the value of a company’s Internet and social media assets to better assist their clients in a wide range of transactions and disputes. In business transactions, well managed websites and social media accounts add value to the overall business. Understanding how business websites and social media accounts contribute to value is a critical component in licensing, M&A and partnership transaction negotiations.

In an infringement and litigation context, Internet and social media analytical tools provide the data to support legal arguments and expert opinions related to Internet damages and online defamation. Today’s business attorneys and litigators need to understand how the tools are used to analyze website traffic and social media use and how the data can be leveraged to quantify economic damages and loss of value.

The Chapter explains how valuation analysts and damages experts can use the new world of data available from Internet and social media analytics.

To learn more about incorporating Internet and social media analytics in your projects, download a free copy of Nevium’s chapter by clicking here.