ProVisorsIdentifying, valuing IP and measuring their contribution to business value is challenging. Intellectual properties or IP can be the most valuable assets owned by a business. The Provisors’ Distributors and Manufacturers Affinity Group of San Diego is hosting a panel discussion featuring Nevium Principal Brian Buss titled “The Value of Intellectual Property in a Business.”  The speakers will provide advice for IP buyers and sellers related to the identification of key IP assets, how to construct and explain the IP narrative to prospective buyers and disclose common fallacies about IP value. The panel discussion will also include techniques to improve the value of IP and a discussion on the impact of IP on business value.

The affinity group panel will held at 4pm on March 9, 2017 at Barney & Barney in San Diego.  Provisors members can register to attend through the Provisors website:

Accurately valuing IP requires the attention of a thorough and skillful valuation expert. At Nevium, we bring a combination of valuation expertise, market knowledge and our ability to communicate and educate to our IP valuation assignments. Projects requiring valuing IP by Nevium are supported by facts, research and accepted analytical methodologies; yet able to be read and understood by any of the different audiences who use our analysis.

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