Nonprofit IP Management

Nonprofit IP Management

Nonprofit organizations often own a portfolio of intellectual property that can be used by the organization to generate additional resources. Nonprofit IP Management focuses on the group’s brand, which typically includes one or more registered trademarks, as well as logo’s, fund-raising materials, flyers, communications, and other branded materials. At Nevium, we have found that many nonprofit groups have also built and developed valuable assets such as member lists, proprietary procedures and practices, unique service delivery models and unique affinity relationships with their communities. Along with their Brand IP, all of these intellectual properties and intangible assets can generate additional funds and resources for the organization.

Nonprofit IP Management and Valuations

Nonprofit IP management provides a toolkit to assist not-for-profit organizations in negotiating agreements with affinity and co-branding partners. The toolkit includes the identification of specific intellectual properties and intangible assets owned by the nonprofit organization, and depending on the licensee or affinity partner involved, the value those assets provide to potential partners. Our toolkit helps organizations achieve maximize possible benefit from use of their IP.

The toolkit will also provide an overall value of your brand and IP, reasonable royalty rates and specific deal terms that can be implemented into a licensing agreement. Most importantly, nonprofit managers will be able to use Nevium’s final valuation analysis work product as a professional, non-biased tool to assist the negotiation process.

Nevium’s principals have worked with a diverse range of large and small organizations to build, identify and monetize their intellectual property assets. From brand licensing and endorsement programs, to affinity marketing, to valuation and transaction negotiation; we can identify and develop additional resources that enable organizations to expand their mission and deliver valued services to their communities.

Nevium’s Experience with Nonprofit IP Management

  • Valued the brand and trademark assets and establish fair royalty rates for outside party use of brand assets
  • Assisted a community financing organization identify key IP assets for purposes of a regulatory review
  • Developed financial models, fundraising proposals and credit analyses for a provider of job training programs to adults with developmental disabilities
  • Developed optimal licensing and endorsement transaction structures for a Non-profit’s licensing initiatives
  • Calculated damages related to unauthorized use of a non-profit’s trademarks
  • Advised a non-profit IP owner in negotiations to sell non-core IP assets to a for profit corporation


If you are working with a not-for-profit organization, please contact us for a discussion of description of our IP Management, Brand Maximization and IP transaction advisory services.