Nevium PPC Price Index

Nevium provides industry-leading expertise in the use of Internet and social media analytics to support valuation opinions and economic damages calculations.  In an IP infringement and litigation context, Internet and social media analytical tools, including the Nevium PPC Price Index, provides the data to support legal arguments and expert opinions related to trademark infringement, copyright infringement, false endorsement, false advertising, online defamation and other claims.

Today’s business attorneys and litigators need to understand the tools used to analyze website traffic and social media use and how the data can be leveraged to quantify economic damages and loss of value.  The wealth of online advertising and commerce data has become essential for analyzing and investigating damages claims involving brands, celebrity name and likeness, copyrights and many other assets.  For example, a business can use a brand name or celebrity name to benefit organic search results, resulting in additional traffic to its website.  This business has essentially avoided the cost of search-based pay-per-click advertising and benefited from the additional website traffic.  A relief from pay per click damages analysis can be used to quantify economic damages if it is determined that this use constitutes infringement.

However, pay per click rates for the same term do not stay constant over time.  For this reason, we have built the Nevium PPC Price Index by compiling and tracking Google pay per click rates since April 2015.  Our objective is to track and identify changes and trends in internet search term advertising.

The Nevium PPC Price Index

Nevium PPC Price Index Chart

Nevium PPC Price Index Values by Search Term Group

Nevium PPC Price Index

Nevium PPC Price Index Search Terms Used

PPC Price Index

More Information About Relief from Pay-Per-Click (RfPPC) in Valuation and Damages

Contact us to discuss any questions regarding the use of Adwords, Internet Analytics, and pay per click rates in valuation assignments and economic damages calculations. Nevium developed and has used in court a market-based approach to calculating economic damages in Internet and social media infringement matters termed the or the Relief from Pay Per Click calculation. Also, we are frequent speakers and presenters on IP valuation issues and would be happy to provide a webinar or presentation for your group.

Download a PDF copy of our PPC Price Index.