Intellectual Property Consultants

Nevium Trusted IP Business Partner

Nevium provides the IP industry with a visionary approach to calculating and communicating the financial impact of trademarks, copyrights, patents, brands and intangible assets. Our trailblazing techniques use advanced IP tools that go beyond the numbers.

For IP litigators Nevium provides expert damages testimony that combines our knowledge of Internet and social media analytic tools with accepted methodologies and concise narratives. 

We also provide C-level executives and IP owners with valuations and IP strategies focused on leveraging IP to enhance financial performance.

Nevium Going Beyond the Numbers


Intellectual Property Consulting Engine

IP Strategy

Nevium’s IP Management process combines best practices in intellectual asset management (IAM), valuation and strategy to drive enhanced business returns through enhanced return on investment in innovation

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IP Valuation

Intellectual property valuation for trademarks, patents, copyrights, and business enterprises in the context of estate, tax, collateral, securitization, financial reporting, asset transfer, transfer pricing and strategic analysis

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IP Damages Experts

Nevium professionals have testified in matters involving brand defamation, trademark infringement, copyright infringement, unauthorized use of Name and Likeness, Lanham Act claims and business ownership disputes

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IP Monetization

We manage, negotiate, perform due diligence, and develop asset valuations for clients buying, selling or licensing intellectual properties, product lines and intangible assets

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