Your Trusted Intellectual Property Business Partner


Valuation and financial analysis of patents, copyrights, trademarks, brands, intangible assets and business enterprises

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Damages Experts

Expert testimony and damages opinions for IP infringement, defamation, marketing, business interruption, right of publicity and civil litigation

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Strategic Advisors

Strategic services to leverage IP assets and connect IP to financial performance

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Infringement Investigation

Analysis of IP infringement on websites, social media, SEO and online advertising

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Nevium specializes in intellectual property valuations and expert testimony. We provide the IP community with a visionary approach to calculating and communicating the financial impact of trademarks, copyrights, patents, brands and intangible assets. For IP litigators we provide expert damages testimony that combines our knowledge of Internet and social media analytic tools with accepted methodologies and concise narratives. We also advise C-level executives regarding IP valuation and strategies, focusing on connecting IP to financial performance and using IP to increase profits.

Nevium’s Commitment

Nevium is committed to building long standing relationships. We strive to educate and inform each and every client such that they become trusted partners. Our approach is collaborative, working closely with you to solve complex intellectual property issues