IP Infringement Investigation

IP Infringement Investigation

Use of the Internet and social media has become an increasingly essential element of conducting business in the United States and globally, which in turn raises new issues for calculating damages for IP infringement cases.

The first step for many attorneys involved with trademark, copyright and publicity rights cases is to prove that infringement has actually occurred. Nevium’s IP infringement investigation can help.

Before the rise of these new media, cases of infringement and defamation typically occurred in print or on television and were visually obvious. Such misuse was usually also geographically constrained to the area or region where the actual misuse occurred or was broadcast. In the world of traditional media, the number of people who would have been exposed to a billboard, sign, or even a television show could only be estimated at best.

Today, however, Internet infringement and misuse can be hidden in metadata or keywords and may not be visually obvious. Internet infringement can now be seen by anyone in the world, and a social media post can immediately go viral.

Nevium is very experienced with using website and social media analytic tools to prove infringement. Click on the links to the left to learn more.