Tool Kit

Tool Kit

Nevium delivers through economic and financial analyses of intellectual property assets.  While every IP analysis is unique, and the context of our projects differs from project to project, we have used the following tools in many of our valuation, profit apportionment, licensing evaluation and damages calculation projects. An overview of the IP analysis tools in Nevium’s Tool Kit can be found on the following pages.

Relief from Pay Per Click: quantify the value of website traffic via the cost to replicate past site visits.

Apportionment Tools: assess the portion of profits and economic benefits contributed by the Subject IP asset.

Brand Score Tool: evaluate and score brand assets across four dimensions of brand performance.

Licensing Evaluation: forecast the financial performance of licensing, partnership and distribution agreements.

Comparable Company Analysis:  Access, compile and analyze financial performance data for guideline public companies and benchmark your company’s financial performance against industry benchmarks and comparable businesses.

Website Analytics:  As the Internet and social media are major components of marketing and advertising activities, evaluation of search, site traffic, post reactions and online advertising contributes to the financial analysis of marketing and technology IP.