Internet and Social Media Valuation

Internet and Social Media Valuation

In modern business, the new corner store is located on our laptops and smartphones. Today, well-managed websites and social media accounts add value to an overall business. For business owners and managers, a valuation of their website and social media assets can measure the success of online marketing activities and identify new strategies to enhance financial performance. A greater understanding of the connection between Internet and social media assets and financial performance has helped our clients refine marketing strategies, increase sales and reduce costs.

Internet and Social Media IP Valuation at Nevium

Nevium provides valuations of Internet and Social Media assets, including:  websites, domain names, web traffic, Likes, Shares, Followers, Impressions, Customer data, and other Internet and social media information. Internet and Social Media assets contribute to financial performance based on a mix of their content, following and ability to create and keep customers for the business. Our team can identify and leverage Internet and social media analytical tools, analyze data from Internet and social media analytics, and use this data to develop clear and concise valuations for any valuation context. Our valuations explain and quantify the contribution to financial performance made by each type of Internet and social media asset.  

Nevium’s experts are frequent authors and presenters on the topic of incorporating Internet and social media data into valuations and damages opinions.

Nevium’s Internet and Social Media IP Valuation Experience:

  • Valuation of a domain name and website that received over 700k organic visits per year for a business transaction
  • Valuation of an optimized website and related social media accounts for an acquisition
  • Valuation of a Twitter account with 300k+ Followers for a business dispute
  • Valuation of a YouTube channel with 1.5m Subscribers for a business partner buyout
  • Quantified the added value of an optimized vs. non-optimized website for a business merger

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