IP Monetization

Many IP assets have value beyond their current use. IP monetization is process of selling, transfering or liquidating intangible assets. Nevium professionals manage, negotiate and provide due diligence for IP monetization transactions, including sale, inter-company transfer and licensing

We offer both fee-based and success-based services to both buyers and sellers. Essentially, we will adapt our compensation IP monetization structure to align with your interests and objectives.

IP Monetization Transactions and Strategies  

Nevium professionals work closely with intellectual property owners and IP users to develop strategic analyses of licensing and transaction partners, develop and implement licensing strategies, review performance and autopsy existing licenses and agreements, assess franchising opportunities and to quantify return on marketing investment (ROMI). We have worked with a variety of clients to identify and bundle assets, device alternative strategies to use their IP and compare alternative IP strategies.

In support of a transaction or strategic inquiry, we are able to provide analyses of IP asset validity, brand confusion, freedom to operate, licensing potential, trademark strength, level of infringement, and patent strength. Nevium invests in and advises businesses that own older portfolios of IP assets.

In appropriate situations, Nevium works with current ownership and management to add new products lines, expand the use of brands, patents and trademarks, and bolster the management team.

Our goal with IP monetization is to increase the value of IP assets along with the value of the business enterprise in order to achieve greater valuations and more desirable exit scenarios for current ownership.

IP Monetization for Bankruptcy and Distressed Assets

Identify, group and execute the sale of IP assets owned by reorganizing companies. In IP monetization assignments, we have been able to achieve substantial sums beyond the expectations of creditors and trustees. We work with private equity groups to value IP assets for use as collateral and to identify new owners for underperforming IP assets.

Business Planning

Developing a business concept is the first of many steps for IP owners. Typically the challenge for business owners and managers is finding the resources and time to develop, test and present the business concept as a business plan.

Nevium professionals work closely with IP owners and potential investors to develop thorough, strategic planning and investor presentation documents. We can assist in developing cash flow forecasts, build sensitivity models, prepare capital tables, schedule the costs and benefits of potential licensing arrangements and help create investor memorandums and board presentations.

Film and Entertainment Business Planning

Creative ideas are the core intellectual properties of entertainment businesses. Building flexible models to predict the performance of movies, music and entertainment properties can help owners and investors make more profitable decisions. Nevium’s professionals have funded films and assisted financial backers in the creation, production and licensing of entertainment properties.

Licensing Partner Analysis

Many licensing arrangements generate less than expected returns for the licensee, the licensor, or both. We have encountered many instances where one party to a license fails to meet the financial commitments promised in the agreement.

Using our experience analyzing transaction IP monetization opportunities, combined with career experience in corporate banking and lending; Nevium’s professionals can provide a pre-transaction assessment of your counter-party’s ability to meet their financial commitments. This additional knowledge builds a better understanding of transaction risks and allows parties to mitigate those risks before the deal is signed.