Defamation Investigation

Defamation Investigation


Nevium quantifies the reach of online defamatory statements. We use internet metric tools to assess the virality of online images, videos, articles, and statements on X, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, and traditional media websites.

Measuring the reach of defamatory statements is crucial in understanding the potential harm and economic impact of false or damaging information. In the modern age, our society is woven together by the internet and social media, which can accelerate the spread of defamatory statements and substantially impact a company or individual’s brand, reputation, and finances.

The first step in determining the impact of defamatory statements is to determine the reach, or virality, of the claims. This can be a complex and daunting task, but Nevium’s defamation investigation team can help.

Nevium utilizes various systems that provide research, data, and access to consumer and public insights from 100 million online sources and over 1.4 trillion posts from sources such as X (formerly, Twitter) and online news and media platforms. 

These systems are continuously gathering new data, allowing for a consistently up-to-date database that Nevium can use to identify defamatory statements and claims.

Below is a clip from Doug Bania’s testimony at the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial.