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Nevium specializes in expert witness testimoy related to estimating the reach of online and social media defamatory statements and quantifying damages. Our Washington D.C. IP experts have trial testimony experience with high-profile music, defamation, entertainment, copyright, trademark and right of publicity infringement cases. 

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Intellectual Property Valuation Services


Nevium combines valuation expertise, market knowledge and an innovative approach to educate our IP valuation clients. Valuations performed are supported by facts, research and accepted analytical methodologies.


Our IP damages experts provide expert witness testimony related to economic damages in matters involving copyright, trademark and patent infringement.  Nevium also provides testimony in cases involving music, internet and social media infringement.


Neviums IP consultants can perform first-time brand valuations to establish how much a brand’s intellectual property and intangible assets are worth. Our expert IP strategy can guide decisions on pricing, licensing, or identification of additional revenue and cost savings.


Internet infringement and misuse can be difficult to find or not visually obvious. Nevium has extensive experience using website and social media platforms and analytics tools that can prove infringement.

About Nevium IP Consultants

Nevium specializes in intellectual property valuations and expert testimony. Our Los Angeles office offers our clients from Southern California a visionary approach to calculating and communicating the financial impact of trademarks, copyrights, patents, brands and intangible assets. We work with entrepreneurs, corporations, legal counsel and individual IP owners to analyze and maximize the value of their intellectual property assets.

Our Los Angeles based IP Consultants provide solutions for valuing, managing and monetizing intellectual properties and intangible assets, including entertainment and web-based media. As an innovator and thought leader in the IP Community, the Nevium team has expertise in intellectual property valuation, IP infringement damages calculations and IP strategic advisory. We serve and advise IP counsel, litigators, IP owners and business executives.