Intellectual Property Valuation

IP Valuation

IP Valuation

The process of IP valuation is often referred to as art and science.  Accurate valuation of intellectual property and intangible assets requires the attention of a thorough and skillful valuation expert. At Nevium, we bring a combination of valuation expertise, market knowledge, innovative approaches, and our ability to communicate and educate to our IP valuation assignments. Valuations performed by Nevium are supported by facts, research and accepted analytical methodologies; yet able to be read and understood by any of the different audiences who use our analysis.

Nevium has conducted formal and informal IP valuation analyses for clients in the apparel, biotech, cosmetics, education, entertainment, fashion, fitness, food, health care, sporting goods, publishing, social media, technology, wireless, and many other industries.  We have valued:

Our valuation clients have included banks, attorneys, estates, not-for-profit organizations, closely-held business and multi-national corporations. Our principals have provided valuations for clients around the world.  

In other words, what ever the valuation question, we can develop and explain the answer.  A few of our valuation assignments are described in case studies.