Intellectual Property Valuation

IP Valuation Services at Nevium

IP Valuation, intellectual property valuation

Intellectual Property Valuation is related to intellectual property and intangible assets and requires the attention of a thorough and skillful IP valuation expert. At Nevium, we bring a combination of valuation expertise, market knowledge, innovative approaches, and our ability to educate our IP valuation clients. IP Valuations performed by Nevium are supported by facts, research and accepted analytical methodologies; yet able to be read and understood by any of the different audiences who use our analysis.

Nevium’s IP Valuation Experience

Nevium has conducted formal and informal IP valuations for a variety of industries ranging from biotech to entertainment. Our valuation assignments often include entire portfolios of intellectual property and intangible assets. We have also valued single assets or similar groups of assets such as:

Our intellectual property valuation clients have included banks, attorneys, estates, not-for-profit organizations, closely-held business and multi-national corporations. Our principals have provided valuations for tax, estate, M&A and business transaction purposes.  

 A few of our IP valuation assignments are described in case studies.

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