Patent Valuation

Patent Valuation

Connecting Patents and Technology Assets to Financial Performance

Patents and other technology assets are often key drivers of financial performance for both owners and licensees of such assets. The value of a patent, patent portfolio, or set of technology assets depends on the breadth and depth of the underlying technology, and on the current and future use of the technology.

Nevium’s specialized approach to patent valuation leverages a deep understanding of a patent’s technology to accurately quantify the contribution to financial performance facilitated by that technology. Once Nevium determines the metes and bounds of the technology rights provided by a patent, the patent’s worth can be derived from the present value of future economic benefits facilitated by those rights. Such economic benefits might include increased sales volume, price premiums, and/or cost savings.

Patent Valuation and Advisory Services from Nevium

Nevium integrates industry recognized methods into our visionary IP valuation approach to provide defensible and accurate patent valuation that identify how patent assets impact financial performance. Our analysis begins with a thorough technical investigation of patented and other proprietary technologies to understand the scope and specific applications of a company’s technology assets. Such investigations are often performed by a technology expert who is both a patent agent and accredited appraiser. The resulting detailed understanding of the technology assets allows us to more accurately determine the relative contribution of these assets and the company’s other intellectual properties and intangible assets to revenues, expenses, earnings and cash flow.

We work with management to identify strategies to increase the value of individual technology assets and the overall value of the business. Our valuation reports are intended for use as tool to increase profits. Our goal is to enable our clients to leverage their patents and proprietary technology assets to improve financial performance by:

  • selling additional products;
  • selling products at a higher price;
  • avoiding costs and expenses; and/or
  • developing licensing opportunities.

Nevium’s Technology and Patent Valuation Experience

Nevium has provided patent and technology asset valuations for:

  • Business and asset transaction due diligence;
  • Evaluation of licensing opportunities;
  • Transfer of technology assets between business units;
  • Comparison and development of pricing strategies;
  • Evaluation of R&D ROI (return on investment);
  • Support of new capital and lender financing using patents as collateral; and
  • Financial reporting, litigation and taxation.

Nevium’s Past Patent Valuation Projects Include:

  • Valuation of patent portfolios and technology assets for management of a company evaluating an acquisition offer (Case Study);
  • Sale of patent assets held by a private equity group and valuation of patents to be used as security to raise new capital;
  • Valuation of patents and proprietary technologies for inter-company transfers; and
  • Valuation of patents for litigation and estate planning.