Social Media and Internet Damages

internet damages

Nevium professionals use website analytics as tools to assist in qualifying social media and internet damages. There is little doubt that the web is a major engine for revenues and profits in today’s business environment. From social media to search engines to display ads and e-commerce; the Internet, online advertising, and social media are essential tools for driving business results.

Nevium employs expertise and best practices in reviewing search engine optimization (“SEO”) tactics, keyword marketing campaigns and social media strategies to help quantify social media and internet damages based on IP infringement. Through SEO and website analytics we can identify how your brand drives website traffic and e-commerce, which web pages drive customer purchase decisions, and which website content keeps visitors on your site and most importantly, quantify Internet Damages when a competitor is misusing your IP.

Nevium is able to quantify social media and Internet Damages whether it is plainly obvious on the home page of your website or embedded deep within the html.