Copyright Valuation

Copyright Valuation

As with any form of valuation, the first step in copyright valuation is determining why the valuation is required. Are you faced with a licensing deal, merger, acquisition or litigation? Copyright protection is often a key asset in mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcy transactions. Also, the value of copyrights can be a significant factor in determining reasonable royalty rates for licensing agreements. Further, the value of copyrights can be an important factor in determining damages in cases of copyright infringement.

Copyrights protect many forms of innovation and creative expression. However, a copyright rarely generates economic benefit without the contribution of other assets and resources. In copyright valuation, typically the copyright assets work with other intellectual properties and intangible assets such as:

  • Websites and related domain names; trade dress, logos and packaging
  • Technology assets, including patents and trade secrets
  • Trademarks and brands
  • Relationships with publishers, distributors, artists and authors

Nevium’s Copyright Valuation Experience:

  • Valuation of copyright assets to be used as collateral in a private equity transaction
  • Valuation of over 10,000 copyrights in the textbook publishing industry
  • Valuation of a published play for the author’s estate
  • Valuation of online course content and delivery systems for an online education company
  • Value of copyright protected website and catalog content for a sporting goods manufacture

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