IP Strategy and Advisory

IP Strategy is the business’s objectives, goals and tactics for developing a robust IP portfolio. The IP Strategy is the processes and guidelines that enable the business to achieve a robust IP portfolio, thereby building the foundation for greater sales, earnings and valuation

IP Strategy and Advisory Services Many businesses undergoing a brand valuation for the first time are surprised to learn what their intellectual property and intangible assets are worth—in fact, today most businesses derive most of their value from them.  Therefore, an IP Strategy and an IP Plan are essential for business success.

What is IP Strategy?

IP strategy is the process of leveraging IP assets and connecting them to business objectives and financial performance. An IP strategy based off of an expert valuation can guide decisions on pricing and licensing, as well as determine where a business can generate additional revenue or reduce cost.

Many businesses have insufficient documentation of leveraged brand assets. In addition to establishing a strategy, a review and evaluation of IP portfolios can save time, money and risk in evaluating mergers and acquisitions, licensing, partnership and other transaction opportunities, and even give your business a competitive advantage when being considered for them.

Nevium has applied its business, finance, economic and IP expertise to work with investors, owners, managers, executives and boards to develop IP Strategies, identify IP monetization opportunities, evaluate transactions and improve financial performance. We work with your teams to develop cash flow forecasts, build sensitivity models, prepare capital tables, optimize pricing, quantify the costs and benefits of potential licensing arrangements and create investor memorandums and board presentations.

We work for clients across the country operating in a wide variety of industries. Some of our strategy projects include:

  • Valuation and strategic advisory services for a non-profit industry association, allowing the organization to re-price its services portfolio and evaluate brand extension opportunities
  • Evaluation and valuation of an apparel industry licensing opportunity for a Spanish-language rock band with a global fan base
  • Valuation of technology and brand assets for a fitness products company evaluating re-financing strategies
  • Valuation of technology and marketing assets and evaluation of future technology licensing and distribution opportunities for ownership of a wireless healthcare technology company evaluating an acquisition offer.

Finally, we believe in making the process of developing IP strategy as transparent as possible, which is why we aim to teach IP analysis and strategy to key business managers, enabling the corporation to evaluate and execute more successful future transactions on its own.