For the 30 days ended August 21st the Nevium PPC Index experienced a 26% decrease, declining from 106.56 to 79.16.  The index has declined 43% since reaching a 12 month high of 140.6 in April 2017.

Nevium PPC Index

Of the seven keyword groups in our study, six declined.  The Actors/Actresses group experienced the greatest decline from 110.37 to 252.94.  The only group that increased was “Other Celebrities,” increasing from 119.03 to 124.45.

As his fight nears, Floyd Mayweather’s PPC rate has been on the rise.  In March 2017 the Mayweather PPC rate was $0.13.  Through August 21st, this rate increased 11 times to $1.43.  This month, the largest decline in the Index belonged to Mark Wahlberg whose PPC rate declined from $11.76 to $0.58.  The largest increase belonged to Dwayne Johnson whose PPC rate increased from $1.82 to $5.16.

More information on the Nevium PPC Index can be found here