The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages

The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages

The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages

Nevium has contributed a new chapter to The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages, edited by Nancy J. Fannon and Jonathan Dunitz, Esq. This essential reference for experts, analysts and litigators provides a deep and rich resource on damage calculations. Nevium’s chapter “Using Internet Analytic Tools for Valuation and Damages Calculations in Internet IP Infringement and Damages Cases” explores the overlap between Internet and social media analysis and intellectual property valuation.

In modern business, the new corner store is located on our laptops and smartphones. Today’s business advisors and counsel need to understand the value of a company’s Internet and social media assets to better assist their clients in a wide range of transactions and disputes. In business transactions, well managed websites and social media accounts add value to the overall business. Understanding how business websites and social media accounts contribute to value is a critical component in licensing, M&A and partnership transaction negotiations.

In an infringement and litigation context, Internet and social media analytical tools provide the data to support legal arguments and expert opinions related to Internet damages and online defamation. Today’s business attorneys and litigators need to understand how the tools are used to analyze website traffic and social media use and how the data can be leveraged to quantify economic damages and loss of value.

The Chapter explains how valuation analysts and damages experts can use the new world of data available from Internet and social media analytics.

To learn more about incorporating Internet and social media analytics in your projects, download a free copy of Nevium’s chapter by clicking here.

Misuses of IP Over the Internet: Internet IP Infringement

Misuses of IP Over the Internet: Internet IP Infringement

Every informed stakeholder in business valuation, performance benchmarking, or risk assessment turns to Business Valuation Resources for authoritative deal and market data, news and research, training, and expert opinion. On July 21st, Brian and Doug will present a webinar for BVR titled: “Misuses of IP Over the Internet: Searching for Value.”

This webinar continues Nevium’s leadership in the area of misuses of IP over the Internet and Internet IP Infringement Nevium is leading the way in using Internet and Social Media analytics to complement and enhance Intellectual Property valuations and IP Infringement damage calculations. During the webinar presentation, Brian and Doug will share core skills in using Internet analytics tools, and an update on how these tools have been applied in valuation, damage calculations, litigation support and expert testimony assignments.
To attend the webinar, register with BVR HERE

NACVA and the Consultants: Forensic Accounting

Nevium’s principals have been invited to present during NACVA and the Consultants’ Training Institute’s upcoming “Webinar Week: Special Topics in Forensic Accounting.” The webinar series will be held from April 25, 2016 through April 29, 2016. Brian Buss and Doug Bania, co-founders of Nevium Intellectual Property Solutions of San Diego, California will be presenting the topic “Valuation and Damages Calculations in Cases Involving Internet Infringement and Defamation.” Brian and Doug are accomplished experts who have provided expert opinions and testimony in cases involving the value of celebrity endorsements, the impact of online trademark infringement, social media defamation and the use of website analytics in intellectual property infringement cases. Other participants in the Webinar are recognized experts in financial forensics.

Doug Bania New York State Bar Association: Damage Calculations in the Music Industry

Date: Friday, October 16, 2015
Entertainment Business Law Seminar in Association with
CMJ Music Marathon
Friday, October 16, 2015
Dream Downtown 355 W. 16th Street | New York City

Blurred Lines or Fuzzy Math: How Did They Come Up with $7.3 Million or was it $5.3 Million? – Damage Calculations in the Music Industry

    Nothing speaks to the currency of music quite like damage calculations in litigation. The recent Blurred Lines copyright infringement ruling which Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams have vowed to appeal provides a window into how valuation experts work with legal counsel to put a number on it for their mutual clients and the perils of having such questions go to a jury for a verdict. This expert panel of litigators, CPAs, intellectual property professionals and transactional attorneys will speak with firsthand experience of damage calculations in the Blurred Lines case and other legal actions to bring clarity to what otherwise might merely seem to be blurred lines.

Robert S. Meloni, Esq., Partner, Meloni & McCaffrey

Doug Bania, CLP, Principal, Nevium Intellectual Property Solutions
Matt Greenberg, Esq., Partner, Ritholz, Levy, Sanders, Chidekel & Fields, LLP
Bruce Kolbrenner, CPA, Partner, Prager Metis CPAs, LLC

Brian Buss BVR Webinar: IP Valuation Using Apportionment Models

More and more, intellectual properties (IP) and intangible assets (IA) drive the success and valuation of businesses. However, IP and IA need other assets and resources to generate revenue and earnings for a business. For a business to best use its IP assets, tools to evaluate the contributions made by IP are becoming a required component of the business manager’s tool kit. Join expert speaker Brian Buss of Nevium as he covers the value and contribution to business profitability of both IP and IA. Buss has adapted many of the commonly used IP valuation approaches to analyze and value IP in order to develop an IP valuation apportionment model that has proven useful to guide business managers to more effective strategic decisions regarding use of their proprietary assets and to drive additional profits. Attendees will gain an understanding of the theory and concepts supporting this apportionment model and the analytical steps required to apply the model in strategic advisory IP valuation engagements.


  • Understand the reasons to conduct an apportionment analysis
  • Review analytical tools to identify the key assets and resources used by a business organization, and tools to quantify the contribution to organizational profits made by each asset and resource
  • Learn how to apply apportionment models to help clients evaluate strategic decisions
  • Learn the steps to develop apportionment-based ip valuation analyses for multiple valuation contexts

Learning Objectives

  • Review need for apportionment analyses
  • Discuss the theory underlying apportionment analysis
  • Present the apportionment model used by Nevium in valuation and strategy assignments
  • Steps in using the apportionment model

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

10am – 11:40am PDT

Nevium to Speak at ASA on IP Valuation and Damages

Intellectual Property Valuation: Methodologies and Case Studies

Speakers: Doug Bania and Brian Buss – Nevium Intellectual Property Solutions

Both Doug Bania and Brian Buss, principals at Nevium Intellectual Property Solutions, are trial-tested expert witnesses with experience in IP valuation and damage calculations related to brands, trademarks, patents, copyrights and rights of publicity.

In this seminar, they will discuss general approaches to IP valuation, as well as certain approaches unique to valuation of IP assets, such as those based on:  excess earnings, comparable profit margin, relief from royalty, relief from pay-per-click, comparable uncontrolled transactions, value apportionment, discounted future benefits / cash flows, and more. They will also share their experience related to testimony covering a broad range of IP valuation cases, including:

  • Calculating reasonable royalty rates for use of patents by potential franchisees
  • Valuation of construction materials patents
  • Valuation of celebrity Facebook product endorsements
  • Copyright apportionment analysis, such as applied at the famous “Blurred Lines” copyright infringement trial, at which Mr. Bania of Nevium testified on behalf of Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams

2 CPE Offered

Thursday, November 5, 2015, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Torrey Partners

11452 El Camino Real, Suite 110

San Diego, CA 92130

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