Nevium provides C-level executives and IP owners with valuations and IP strategies that leverage IP to enhance financial performance. Nevium uses IP valuation tools to connect IP to financial performance, enabling greater leverage of IP assets.


  • More sales, lower costs, and greater profits
  • Identify under-utilized IP
  • Uncover new protection and registration needs
  • Deeper understanding of the benefits of IP 

Strategy Based on IP Valuation

As IP valuation experts, Nevium develops IP Strategies based on IP valuation tools. We calculate and communicate how patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and brands contribute to financial performance. Nevium’s IP Strategy services focus on translating how IP and intangibles impact the company’s bottom line, enabling IP owners and managers to identify and develop business strategies that leverage the company’s proprietary assets and enhance financial performance. 

IP strategies can include leveraging brands and trademarks to access new markets or new territories, leveraging patents and proprietary technologies to optimize product pricing, and mapping IP portfolios to identify acquisition and divestiture opportunities. A thorough valuation-based review of an IP portfolio often uncovers opportunities to maximize capital investments and identifies business risks.

Using IP Valuation

Valuation of IP assets provides a benchmark and metric allowing Boards, IP Owners, Executives and In-house IP managers to demonstrate how and where their IP is making a difference. In other words, how their IP is influencing profits, impacting enterprise valuation and creating growth opportunities. 

Nevium’s IP valuation clients gain a deeper understanding of their IP portfolios, quantify how their IP is contributing to financial performance and know which assets are being leveraged to drive growth and greater valuations.

Our valuation clients often realize some IP assets are contributing more than previously thought, while other asset groups are not generating expected returns and could be leveraged in other ways. We have identified assets that are key to financial performance that lacked sufficient legal protection and identified opportunities to sell or license other assets.

Nevium’s Valuation Tool Kit

Nevium’s valuation toolkit features a range of IP valuation tools, including our apportionment matrix and profit apportionment valuation model. The apportionment analysis is a four-step process that includes a business’ enterprise valuation, identification and grouping of key IP assets, a valuation of each of the business’ primary revenue-generating activities and a valuation of each identified asset bundle. Our valuation reports provide a multi-level view of the activities and assets driving the overall value of the organization.

Our valuation analyses are supported by industry and market research and valuation benchmarks. Our reports and presentations are designed to inform, communicate and provide new insights for business owners, executives and managers.

Nevium Intellectual Property Consultants

Nevium provides the IP industry with a visionary approach to calculating and communicating the financial impact of trademarks, copyrights, patents, brands and intangible assets. Our trailblazing techniques use advanced IP tools that go beyond the numbers. For IP litigators, Nevium provides expert damages testimony that combines our knowledge of Internet and social media analytic tools with accepted methodologies and concise narratives. We also provide C-level executives and IP owners with valuations and IP strategies focused on leveraging IP to enhance financial performance.

Nevium has worked with a wide range of clients across many industries. Often our IP valuation assignments become long-term partnerships where we advise our clients on licensing, business expansion, product pricing and overall business strategy. We work closely with in-house and outside counsel to ensure that IP business strategies work in conjunction with IP legal strategies.

Download Nevium’s Attorney’s Guide to IP Valuation