Based on conversations with past clients, we have learned that many of them didn’t realize that Nevium provided a broader range of services.

In a nutshell, Nevium specializes in intellectual property valuations and expert testimony. We provide the IP community with a visionary approach to calculating and communicating the financial impact of trademarks, copyrights, patents, brands, and intangible assets.
 For IP litigators, we provide expert damages testimony that combines our knowledge of internet and social media analytic tools with accepted methodologies and concise narratives. For C-level Executives and In-House Counsel, we provide IP valuation and portfolio strategies with a focus on connecting IP to financial performance and using IP to increase profits.

Nevium’s Four Services

IP Valuation:
Valuation and financial analysis of patents, copyrights, trademarks, internet & social assets, brands, publicity rights, intangible assets, and business enterprises for tax, estate, M&A, and business transactions. Recent projects include valuation of trademarks at a global education company and valuation of proprietary production processes for a franchisor.

IP Damages Expert Testimony:
Expert testimony and damages opinions for IP infringement, defamation, licensing, marketing, business interruption, and civil litigation. Nevium experts have testified in Federal, State, and Tax court as well as arbitration and mediation proceedings. Doug recently testified as a damages expert in a film-related copyright fair use case in Toronto, Canada. Brian recently helped counsel achieve favorable rulings in a trademark infringement case in the wine industry and a trademark confusion case involving real estate investors.

IP Strategic Advisors:
Strategic services to leverage IP assets and connect IP to financial performance. Nevium worked with a non-profit professional association to restructure its revenue model and implement a new pricing strategy. Nevium also recently completed a brand valuation that assisted board members with determining the value of their brand and each group of related intangible assets.

IP Infringement Investigation:
Analysis of IP infringement in html for websites, Google Ads, social media, SEO, Google search results, and online advertising. Doug recently provided an expert opinion in a case related to Google organic search results and another related to the value of several social media accounts.